This week in geography we’ve been studying Kenya.  We skipped over Europe because Anna wanted to learn about African animals, so we went ahead and started on Africa.  We did South Africa a couple of weeks ago, and then Kenya this week.  I found a great book called “Masai and I” by Virginia Kroll and some activities for it to create a lapbook.  Anna really enjoyed doing that.

I started off really hating lapbooks because there is a lot of cutting (for me!) involved and they tend to take a lot of time, but recently I’ve started to really like them.  We have two others that we’re in the middle of right now as well, one for African animals and another that goes along with the Little House in the Big Woods book that we’re reading.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the lapbook Anna created:  (Oh and how do you like her super cute (unbrushed) haircut?  She got a bunch cut off yesterday, probably 5-6″.

The inside of the lapbook:

Showing the flag and the compass she made:

Venn diagram comparing the Masai to our life in the USA:
“My Ancestors” activity:
Swahili words:
A little flip book about Masai life:

There ya go.  I think it turned out really nice.  We’ve both learned quite a bit about the Masai while doing this activity.

Next week, on to Morocco!

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